Hattons "Ultimate" 66


We offer a service to improve the look of the Hattons Class 66 which we have in-house designed and enhances the lighting functionality of the loco.

We offer a complete lighting overhaul which starts by receiving your loco and we removed the necessary circuit boards and replace them with our updated boards. we can also replace individual LED's to the customers requirements (Top marker lights from warm White to pure white) . We then assemble all of the boards and test the light intensities, finally mapping the decoders.  


This can not be used on DC running or on locos which have sound. 

From re-designing the Main PCB to cater for both Hattons 6 function decoder and TCS FL4 function Decoder. Both are included as part of the package. 

We have also redesigned the Directional lighting Printed-Circuit-Boards (PCB) which sit below the cab. This gives a much improved lighting intensity and enables the use of Warm white and Pure white LED's to give a much more realistic finish.

With the use of 10 functions it enables the most comprehensive lighting controls to make the loco more authentic. The lights are not dictated by direction of travel as a real life situation would be when yard shunting.  

Detailed end (No1) 

F0 = 3 marker lights

F1 = Day time running headlight

F2 = Night time running headlight

F3 = Rear red tail lights

F4 = cab light

Coupling end (No2)

F5 = 3 marker lights

F6 = Day time running headlight

F7 = Night time running headlight

F8 = rear red tail lights

F9 = cab light

The Photos below show the end result 

the image showing 3 pure white marker lights on

 With just the Red rear lights on. 

 Showing the rear red lights and the cab light on.

The below Picture Shows the 3 pure white marker lights, and warm white Day running light. 

If you have Any Questions or would like to discuss further please Click here to  contact us and well look to get back to you within 24 Hours